Coconut Curry My Way

A friend and I occasionally visit a tea salon and try new dishes and teas. I tried a spicy coconut curry for the first time and was blown away. It was tasty and I just kept thinking about how long I had been missing out.

I decided that I would look at several recipes for coconut curry and then take what I wanted from them! The result was an amazing dinner that I will definitely make again!


To make the Coconut Curry base:

Use equal parts – 1 Cup Vegetable Stock & 1 Cup Unsweetened Coconut Milk

To season:

For every cup of stock/coconut milk combo use – 1 Tablespoon of Olive Oil, 1 Teaspoon Curry, 1 Teaspoon of Red Pepper Flakes, 1 Teaspoon of diced Garlic, 1 Teaspoon of Sea Salt, 1 Teaspoon of Cracked Black Pepper

Veggies Used: Organic Broccoli, Carrot, Mushroom, Green Onion, Sweet Pepper

Veggies Used: Organic Broccoli, Carrot, Mushroom, Green Onion, Sweet Pepper

The first round of veggies that were put into the pot were finely diced. The second round of veggies were kept slightly larger by quartering and thinly slicing.

The first round of veggies that were put into the pot were finely diced. The second round of veggies were kept slightly larger by quartering and thinly slicing.

When the soup was almost finished cooking the larger veggies and rice noodles were added. This helped create depth and texture within the soup.

The soup was delicious  and definitely hit the spot!

The soup was delicious and definitely hit the spot!

Holiday Reflection

My best Christmas memories are from my childhood. Spending time with my closest relatives..the decorations, helping in the kitchen, knowing how hard my parents worked to go beyond my needs and to fulfill all of my wants. In hindsight this is all true and deeply valued. In the moment some of these occasions may have been underappreciated.

As I have gotten older, Christmas and holidays are more about reminiscing, remembering loved ones, realizing true friendships, celebrating life and less about material things. This year, 2014, I have been able to accomplish my goals with my degrees and homeownership. These are the best gifts that I could have given myself. I wish that I could share these moments with my Dad, Grandad, Great-Grandma, Uncle Bo, and others that have passed. I strive for greatness in their memory and honor, as well as for myself.

I have also been given a gift of great friendships. Time and distance has not been able to drive a wedge in between my closest friendships. We may not see each other often or speak everyday, but when we connect it is as if we were never apart. Receiving something when you expect nothing is a great feeling. This includes non-material presents, such as presence. If I have not thoroughly expressed it, I want to say, “Thank you”. This is to everyone that supported me at my milestones this year. To look into a crowd and see familiar faces that came to see me is one of the best feelings ever.

You heard it here first. I am a goal setter and a bar raiser! Work towards my 2015 list of goals begun soon after I crossed off goal #1 of 2014. Keep your eyes open for what I do next.

Fashionista Friends

When travelling it is always fun to go where there are familiar faces. I did not realize how many people I knew in New York until it came time for a trip. One met up with me and brought me some bomb earrings for my birthday!! Friends, jewelry, Pinkberry, sight seeing with a little bit of randomness?! Yes please!


How often do you meet people that you just vibe with? Some that you can be silly around and who encourages you to make ugly faces. Anna is one of those rare individuals for me. We met years ago and ran around town snapping photos for hours. No matter when or where we end up there is guaranteed to be Bubblicious, glitter, and magic!

All of these photos are credited to Anna Inez Photography. Hair and Makeup are credited to Cherno Biko.

Smiles & Memories [Reblog]

I originally wrote the following thought on October 3rd. This is the anniversary of my father’s passing.It is also less than one month prior to my birthday.As one could imagine this time of year is rather difficult for me. I was sitting and reflecting on my life at that particular moment. Reflection often helps me to get things sorted and into perspective. Here was my conclusion:

 Trying to think and stay positive, motivated, and encouraged. Today makes 4 years since my dad passed. It’s not any easier now than it was on that day. I’ve had some breakdowns recently but today I’ve been strong. Forever grateful to those that help keep me uplifted and let me cry versus telling me not to. Today my minds been filled with nothing but happy memories.

 There are times when bottled up emotions become overwhelming. Experience has taught me that more harm than good results from allowing this to occur. Depression is real. Depression is something that I have battled and overcome one session at a time. Today I find happiness in the ability to release hurt and happiness when I feel the need. Having understanding friends helps tremendously. Even if it is a single friend that sits in the room quietly as I talk or cry is a relief. Reflecting on where I stand today versus even two years ago brings a smile to my face. One of my biggest goals of returning to school and graduating was accomplished. This milestone was dedicated in memory of my Dad!

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Aahh! Fest Fashion

What a surprise to be asked to pose for a photo upon entering a concert. Why of course I don’t mind….do you want one from this angle….ah just four shots, no problem! HaHa Just jokes! It was a fun 10 seconds though.

2014 was the first year of the new annual Aahh! Fest music festival! I will be back next year for more! Peace and love were promoted at the fest. The day and night was filled with live music from some of my favorite artists. MC Lyte, Jay Electronica, Kanye West, Jennifer Hudson, Common, Lupe Fiasco, Twista, and De La Soul all just some of those that graced the stage; along with some dope dj’s! If you weren’t there you definitely missed out.

My photo was found with 34 others listed as The Sharpest Outfits of Aahh! Fest for Chicago Mag.


Photo Source: Ratko Radojcic

Did you attend Aahh! Fest? Tag #NaturallyMzDezy in your photos on IG so that I can see!!

Harlem Nights

I did not make it to Harlem, but I had a great time in NYC none the less. Veg noms, comics, and a penthouse party, heck yea! Walking around the city made me think of all the movies I have seen that were set there. The Villages, SOHO, Uptown, Midtown, etc. they all jogged a memory of some sort.

The view from the 45th floor was indescribable. Knowing the entire floor was yours was even more so! I could watch the city lights for hours with no problem.

Turban Turn-Down

Before I knew it the time read about 0300 and I was no where near my bed! This city I believe is worst than Vegas with creating nocturnal creatures with no sense of time. No complaints though because I had a ball. My top knot scarf style that was worn during the day was quickly turned into a turban to sleep in. My hair under was in a single two strand flat twist, so it was protected. I fell asleep faster than I removed my lashes and tied this scarf!