Separation Anxiety

Cloudy overcast.

Raindrops and street lights has paved the road a glittery gold.
And I slip, turn and skid out. My treasure is home to you.

Only you.

It’s been a full week, 4 planes… frequent flights to the coast.
Only your voice keeps my sanity in check.
You can’t imagine what it’s like to anticipate your embrace.
I’ve been dreaming about this and that I can’t wait.

Only you.

This drive is taking so long…
And it’s trouble for you every second I wait.
Looked at your picture 3 times, such a beautiful smile…
Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
I guess what they say all the time is true.

Only you. Only you.

Faint light glint between the clouds.
Tapping on the window pane stay in sync with the twinkling stars.
The rain competes with the smoothness of the radio.
I listen to soft jazz thinking of you.

Only you.

Out of a full week, 4 restless nights…frequent checks for missed calls.
Your voice makes my heart race.
Anticipation of your arrival gives me butterflies.
Stories are made of this and I can’t wait.

Only you.

This weekend is so long…
Flipping through an album makes me long for you more.
Those cheeks, that nose, your handsome smile…
Absence make the heart grow fonder.
I guess what they say is true.

Only you. Only you.

*This is a collaborative poem that was written by a friend an I*

Unwavering Drive

I’m a strong woman.

You can’t measure my strength by muscle mass or with weights.

It’s a kind of strength gained only through compromise and the reflection and understanding of past faults.

I’m always putting one foot forward but remembering the path I traveled to get here.

I serve as an example for everyone who has ever wanted more.

Poem By MzDezy



Excerpt: Sweet Dreams

An excerpt from Sweet Dreams:

slumber, let the idle thoughts slip gently

as my words kiss your forehead gently

enter to your dreams and exit reality

being this blissfully high is an abnormality


There are many people that I have had the pleasure of knowing that possess some creative genius. Art is a perfect way to channel emotions and to store memories. This snippet is from a talented friend of mine. Every once in a while we will create a collaborative poem. That is, taking turns adding lines and practicing our craft. This poem is formally untitled, but I thought that “Sweet Dreams” was an appropriate fit.

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Find Me In Paradise


Find Me In Paradise

Swinging in a warm breeze

Disconnected from my typical world and I am OK

Genuine people enjoying the view

Island vibes ride the waves and crash into the sweetness of Afro-Caribbean idioms

“Come here beautiful, my sugar momma. For you I charge 1 for 2 coconuts.”

Four legged 4” friends scurry as breakfast is set out

My skin soaks up the 90 degree sun and radiates a perfect hue of deep satin brown

Maxi skirt flowing and not a care in the world

No Facebook notices, Tweets, IG double taps, or Groupon’s

I honestly don’t care

I don’t miss the coonery of shared Worldstar foolishness

Nor do I miss blocking individuals that lacked positive leadership and love in their lives; which causes them to seek it in my DM’s and Inbox

If anything I want the loud comfy silences that lifelong friends can share

Deep breaths and I know I’m inhaling something that’s bigger than me

People that share the same wave length as me are right by my side

We are experiencing what stories are made of

There are no tears or opportunity for fear

Sharing a space with someone from your past life

Sharing moments with strangers that invite you into their life

These moments are priceless

I must go; there is something higher that calls my soul

If your heart is called then you have an open invitation

No regrets

Get in tune with yourself

See the art in life

Want to reach me? You’ll have to send for me in paradise



“Baby I’ll be alright, dry your eyes and don’t worry about me. I love you Chocolate. ”

Those were the last words that I heard from you.

1095 days ago sounds like an extremely long time. But in my mind it’s just like yesterday.

“You’re all grown up now. My Chocolate’s all grown up. I’m proud of you. ”

This was a part of the last conversation that we had together.

1095 days ago is equal to 26280 hours that you’ve been gone.

My hands are hurting me, could you give me a massage? Thank you they feel a lot better.

1576800 seconds since I have been able to feel your embrace.

Life has never been the same since you’ve left this world.

112 miles I drive to decorate your resting place.

There isn’t enough silver and gold on earth to repay you for all you’ve taught and given me.

22 rows is how many I walk back to see your name.




1095 days since my world flipped upside down.

1095 days since the hardest decision ever was made.

I love you Daddy. Now, always and forever I’ll be your Chocolate

♡ Daddy’s Girl


Always Here For You

Always Here For You

Sorry I didn’t give you a fair chance the first time I met you

You have to understand I was on my own mission and I hope everything between us from then is all cool

I’m Always Here For You

I know life has it’s up’s and down’s but you always need to remember to keep your head up

We’ve all heard it before and let it go in one ear and out the other

But please don’t think I’m tryin to be your mother

I’m Always Here For You

Life doesn’t always make sense and God doesn’t always seem like the “good guy” and things may seem unfair

Always stay aware of God, the good, the future, your goals, and if nothin else remember that I’m

Always Here For You

When you think you’re alone, when you think no one cares, when you think you’re out of choices remember me cuz I’m

Always Here For You

No matter what time of day just keep in mind I’m only one phone call away

I can’t say it any better than this

God won’t put anything on you that you can’t handle. You have to always remember your faith where you’re from and where you’re going, and never forget

I’m Always Here For You

Anytime you think things are too rough you know where you can turn

I may not know the answers, but I’ll give you my opinion

I may not know what to say, but I’ll listen

Ever need a shoulder to cry or lean on I have two

If you haven’t gotten it by now all I’m sayin is

I’m Always Here For You

~By MzDezy~

Discover Journey Explore


Challenge: Write a poem that includes the words discover, journey, dream, and explore. Share it with me #NaturallyMzDezy

Discover Journey Explore

Discover — I’ve discovered a lot with myself and this world over the last few years.

The biggest discovery that still affects me was that no one’s invincible no matter how strong they may be. While talking on this subject I can say that life is fast and short.  I don’t want to walk through life with blinders on missing out on important things. A lot of people do this and are hit in the face when they discover it’s too late.

Once you take the plunge and journey to the depths of your soul. Truly open yourself up, dare to dream, actually stand to believe in something — only then will you discover who you are.

Before you can present yourself to the world — offering it up on a platter — you have to have yourself together.

You need to know yourself inside and out, from top to bottom from front to back. Yes you have to have all of that.

Asking someone to lay it all down, spread it all out for you when you know good, and well you can’t cash the check you’re about to write — it’s just setting yourself up for failure. Even worse it’s undermining the integrity your other half has invested.

No it’s not easy; it’s not supposed to be, but trust the end result’s well worth it. Yes I know you’re not perfect, and you’re trying to do the best you can with what you have.

But remember actions speak louder than words. You either do or you don’t, either are or you aren’t, you’re either in or you are out!

Don’t be discouraged — use this as motivation. Life’s a journey. With all journeys there are elements for you to discover. Even if the self-discoveries are revealed in your wildest dreams all there’s left to say is — explore.