Carrot Infinity Scarf

Over winter break from school I picked up my crochet hook and got to work! I have not crocheted in a long time, but it all returned to me fairly quickly. Since starting back at it I have finished a couple types of scarfs. Recently I completed crocheting an infinity scarf. This is the largest scarf that I have ever made; it is about 3 feet long! The color of this lovely scarf is called Carrot.


Succulent Garden

This is a DIY project that I tried out! I love gardens, but it can be difficult to fulfill this need while living in an apartment — especially one that faces east with no direct sunlight after about noon. There are many types of succulents, and they are a sturdy plant that is easy to care for.

Gardening and caring for plants is very relaxing to me. For plants that I keep indoors, I tend to keep them in water instead of dirt. I find water easier to care for than dirt, and it keeps the critters that live in dirt away (it is the Virgo in me).

What I Used:

Large decorative glass bowl

Trays of succulents

Decorative marble rocks

Decorative sand

Organic soil

Minus the plants (bought in a coworkers kids fundraiser) this project cost about $30 total.



DIY: Salt Scrub

Salt scrubs are a great way to exfoliate rough areas such as: feet, elbows, or knees. Scrubs are easy to make and easy to customize.

You will need:

  • Fine grain salt (sea, epsom, etc.)
  • Air tight container
  • Carrier Oils (olive, jojoba, etc.)
  • Essential oils (EO)
  • Body grade fragrance (optional)
  • Body grade colorant (optional)
  • Tool to mix ingredients

Lavender Cherry Salt Scrub


  1. If you are using fragrance (other than EO) or colorant be sure that they are cosmetic/body grade products. Products that are not may contain chemicals and additives that are harmful
  2. Choose oils that will benefit your skin such as coconut & vitamin E. Petroleum based oils (baby oil or mineral oil) are not recommended
  3. Be sure that the salt is fine grained or you may risk unwanted abrasion to your skin
  4. After soaking in a warm bath, use a dollop of the scrub to gently exfoliate each foot
  5. After soaking in a warm bath and before shaving, gently remove dead skin by exfoliating legs with scrub
  6. Use scrub as part of a manicure and gently remove dead skin from hands by exfoliating
  7. After use, rinse with warm water and blot dry with a towel

Name Those Earrings!!

Hey hey, if you have not had the chance to check out Red.Daisy please take a minute to do so. I was in the process of adding a new pair of button earrings to the shop, then became stumped. I am not sure what to name these beautiful pair!

  • Enter by leaving a comment with your name idea & if it is chosen you will receive a FREE PAIR! It is that simple!
  • You may enter more than once, BUT 1 earring name per comment!
  • This giveaway is available to everyone internationally!!
  • Giveaway will be open until Friday, August 31st at 11:59pm EST when another announcement will take place ^_~”
Good Luck!
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