Aahh! Fest Fashion

What a surprise to be asked to pose for a photo upon entering a concert. Why of course I don’t mind….do you want one from this angle….ah just four shots, no problem! HaHa Just jokes! It was a fun 10 seconds though.

2014 was the first year of the new annual Aahh! Fest music festival! I will be back next year for more! Peace and love were promoted at the fest. The day and night was filled with live music from some of my favorite artists. MC Lyte, Jay Electronica, Kanye West, Jennifer Hudson, Common, Lupe Fiasco, Twista, and De La Soul all just some of those that graced the stage; along with some dope dj’s! If you weren’t there you definitely missed out.

My photo was found with 34 others listed as The Sharpest Outfits of Aahh! Fest for Chicago Mag.


Photo Source: Ratko Radojcic

Did you attend Aahh! Fest? Tag #NaturallyMzDezy in your photos on IG so that I can see!!

Let me know what you think!

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