Live and Let Live

 Birthdays have not been formally celebrated for me in years. Presents are something that I cannot remember the last time I have asked for. I do love and so appreciate the friends that have bought me cakes, have gotten me gifts and spent time with me during birthdays; more than they probably know. Expressing my gratefulness is something that I am getting better at.

This time of year is harder for me than holidays. I find it hard to smile to “Happy Birthday” without teary eyes. It was around my 25th birthday that I found out my dad was very ill. At this time I also found out that people close to me had been keeping it a secret for some time. The betrayal that I felt was indescribable. Forgiveness is something that I have learned.

That year I decided to begin living the life I wanted even if it meant solo events. My first solo trip across country happened after that. Every year since I have explored this country and others. My goals are stacked high with bits of fun in between. I have spent more days that I would care to admit inside and have missed many events by waiting on others or simply doing what they chose. Everyone is welcome to join but I will not cancel something because others cannot make it…. How does that saying go? ….do not make someone a priority when they only make you an option?

The entire month of September has been set up for me to live and let live. Today is my birthday and there is a year left to live out my twenties. I intend on making it great!

Let me know what you think!

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