Quick Veggie Bake

Quick and healthy meals in less than an hour!

Fresh organic yellow squash, sweet onion, organic brussel’s sprouts, white and red potatoes were sliced.

Next, the slices are placed onto a sheet of foil and then seasoned with cracked pepper, sea salt, olive oil, and other spices. The foil is folded into little packets before being placed in the over to bake.

The over was preset to 350 degrees and the packets were set directly on the rack for about 40 minutes.

These veggies can be eaten as is, or paired with a salad, steamed rice, or pasta!

Before & After

 Everything used for this meal was received in my Green Bean Delivery!

This meal reminded me of my childhood. My Grandfather always grew gardens and we ate tons of fresh veggies. Squash was one of my favorite vegetables from the garden.

What is your favorite vegetable?

Let me know what you think!

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