Father’s Day Memory

Father's Day Memory

Father’s Day is always a bitter sweet time. It is a day that is celebrated, but not one that necessarily stands out on my calendar. Growing up there were many positive male figures around; my father, grandfather, uncles, cousins, etc. Everyday could honestly be celebrated in thanks to the lessons they have taught that helped to shape who I am today. I have lived enough to know that appreciation needs to be continuous and not conditional.

This Father’s Day I want to express love and endless gratefulness to some of the men that helped to raise, teach, and guide me selflessly. There is not a day that passes that they are not thought of. Happy Father’s Day!

Danny (Daddy) Ray
Hope (Joseph)
Uncle (VO) Bo
Uncle (Alton) Al

There is a bottomless love for them in my heart and I know that they would be so proud of me. I live for you, for your hopes, for my dreams, for me!

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