Heatless Curls


To begin, I sectioned my hair into 2 sections and began with the back. Smaller (blue) flexi rods were used on the back half of my head. The front section was split into 2 sectioned by an angled part. Larger (orange) flexi rods were used on the bigger sectioned area. Once completed the hair was left to air dry.


After my hair was dry, the flexi rods were removed. To sleep, I pineappled my hair — held my head upside down to get all of the curls in one direction before tying with a scarf. In the morning, I separated the curls to my liking.


Don’t let the tight curls fool you — hang time!!
Despite the tight curls I did not cut my hair. The length is still there, check it out!

I always make sure to use a moisturizer, then a gel or hold product before rolling my hair. Adding a moisturizer helps to lock in the moisture, and the gel helps to hold the curl without drying out the hair. This style was done on wet hair.

Have you had flexi rod success or mishaps? Tag your Instagram photos with #NaturallyMzDezy & follow me @MzDezy

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