I Can & I Will

Why do YOU want to go to college?!

What is she doing..Trying to find herself?!

You should quit school and just get a job.

THAT is not a real major.

I’ll pay you to put a perm in your hair!

You trying to be Afrocentric or something?!

She don’t eat real food

Oh, so I heard you working up in white corporate America now.

She living it up, she got big money traveling and stuff.

Who do she think she is?

She is a pretty dark girl.


When there are daggers of hate, jealousy, insecurity, ignorance, and other malevolent adjectives thrown in my direction I do not flinch. In the past I would have taken it very personal and let it ruin my day. Today, it shows me a reflection of its originator. These words and expressions that intentionally or unintentionally aim to harm tell me more about its owner than it does myself.

No matter what roadblocks, adversity, and negativity that I may have faced I have not let go of who I am. I can and I will be successful, open minded, free, relaxed, healthy, friendly, educated, self-sufficient, and me! There is not a person that can speak my truth besides me. No one can speak your truth, your story, have your voice but you!

I AM satisfied.

I AM confident in my own skin.

I AM able to look at my hair in its God given form.

I AM smart. 

I AM a success story.

I AM gifted and talented

I AM breaking the generational fear.

I AM happy.

I AM me!

Let me know what you think!

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