Find Me In Paradise


Find Me In Paradise

Swinging in a warm breeze

Disconnected from my typical world and I am OK

Genuine people enjoying the view

Island vibes ride the waves and crash into the sweetness of Afro-Caribbean idioms

“Come here beautiful, my sugar momma. For you I charge 1 for 2 coconuts.”

Four legged 4” friends scurry as breakfast is set out

My skin soaks up the 90 degree sun and radiates a perfect hue of deep satin brown

Maxi skirt flowing and not a care in the world

No Facebook notices, Tweets, IG double taps, or Groupon’s

I honestly don’t care

I don’t miss the coonery of shared Worldstar foolishness

Nor do I miss blocking individuals that lacked positive leadership and love in their lives; which causes them to seek it in my DM’s and Inbox

If anything I want the loud comfy silences that lifelong friends can share

Deep breaths and I know I’m inhaling something that’s bigger than me

People that share the same wave length as me are right by my side

We are experiencing what stories are made of

There are no tears or opportunity for fear

Sharing a space with someone from your past life

Sharing moments with strangers that invite you into their life

These moments are priceless

I must go; there is something higher that calls my soul

If your heart is called then you have an open invitation

No regrets

Get in tune with yourself

See the art in life

Want to reach me? You’ll have to send for me in paradise

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