“Baby I’ll be alright, dry your eyes and don’t worry about me. I love you Chocolate. ”

Those were the last words that I heard from you.

1095 days ago sounds like an extremely long time. But in my mind it’s just like yesterday.

“You’re all grown up now. My Chocolate’s all grown up. I’m proud of you. ”

This was a part of the last conversation that we had together.

1095 days ago is equal to 26280 hours that you’ve been gone.

My hands are hurting me, could you give me a massage? Thank you they feel a lot better.

1576800 seconds since I have been able to feel your embrace.

Life has never been the same since you’ve left this world.

112 miles I drive to decorate your resting place.

There isn’t enough silver and gold on earth to repay you for all you’ve taught and given me.

22 rows is how many I walk back to see your name.




1095 days since my world flipped upside down.

1095 days since the hardest decision ever was made.

I love you Daddy. Now, always and forever I’ll be your Chocolate

♡ Daddy’s Girl


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