Discover Journey Explore


Challenge: Write a poem that includes the words discover, journey, dream, and explore. Share it with me #NaturallyMzDezy

Discover Journey Explore

Discover — I’ve discovered a lot with myself and this world over the last few years.

The biggest discovery that still affects me was that no one’s invincible no matter how strong they may be. While talking on this subject I can say that life is fast and short.  I don’t want to walk through life with blinders on missing out on important things. A lot of people do this and are hit in the face when they discover it’s too late.

Once you take the plunge and journey to the depths of your soul. Truly open yourself up, dare to dream, actually stand to believe in something — only then will you discover who you are.

Before you can present yourself to the world — offering it up on a platter — you have to have yourself together.

You need to know yourself inside and out, from top to bottom from front to back. Yes you have to have all of that.

Asking someone to lay it all down, spread it all out for you when you know good, and well you can’t cash the check you’re about to write — it’s just setting yourself up for failure. Even worse it’s undermining the integrity your other half has invested.

No it’s not easy; it’s not supposed to be, but trust the end result’s well worth it. Yes I know you’re not perfect, and you’re trying to do the best you can with what you have.

But remember actions speak louder than words. You either do or you don’t, either are or you aren’t, you’re either in or you are out!

Don’t be discouraged — use this as motivation. Life’s a journey. With all journeys there are elements for you to discover. Even if the self-discoveries are revealed in your wildest dreams all there’s left to say is — explore.

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