Right on Time

Every once in a while I will take a road trip to visit the cemetery where my dad rests. The drive, country air, open fields, and solemnness of the grounds bring me peace. For some reason during this visit I was not as content as I usually am.


As I was ready to leave and head to the next stop on the road trip I had an unexplainable feeling come over me. There was a building on the property that I have seen many times, but have never given more than a glance.

The entire visit I had been saying silent prayers. One included me asking for something to comfort me; any sign to let me know everything was alright.


I slowly strolled down a walk way to this mystery building to explore. It is hot out and I am exhausted, so I pull myself up to have a seat in one of the cut outs. Shortly after this the wind started blowing and drew my attention up high.


As quickly as the breeze came through it stopped and a bell starts to ring to different tunes. This made me pause before checking the time and looking for a bell. Usually a bell may chime at the top of the hour, but this bell was chiming at an odd time.

I have visited this site many times and have never heard a bell ring. Almost immediately my mind recalled my prayers and wondered if this was a response. After listening to the chimes I was definitely comforted. Silently I wondered if this was a sign that I had asked for.


I am not big on coincidences, because I am a believer that everything happens for a reason. We may not initially understand what that reason is, but in time when we are meant to we will gain understanding. This free-standing building that I was drawn to and its bells were right on time for me. I needed that moment at that very particular time.

Thank you.

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