Hard Life Lesson

Whenever I am dealing with something in life I try to pin point what the lesson is in it. Usually I am very good at singling out the lesson and working with it to get through whatever the issue is.

For example, some time ago there was an individual who continuously was placed in my path. I was forced to interact with someone that I normally would not have. These interactions were always drawn out and never quick. The longest route was always taken, the most drawn out sentences were spoken, and the slowest pace was always walked.

Initially I was annoyed, stopped listening after a while, would volunteer to do tasks to speed up the process, and more. Eventually, I learned that this was not a functional solution. Taking a step back, I realized that patience was the lesson that I was meant to learn from this individual. Graciousness and patience are some things that I have been working on and I am grateful for this lesson.

The lesson I am currently facing is a hard one to swallow. Simply put, why is it so hard for people who love you to genuinely be happy for you? Is it always jealousy? Does misery really love company? Is a mirror being held to reflect their lives onto themselves?


Source: MzDezy

After my 22nd birthday I made a promise to myself that I would not miss out on an experience due to the actions of others. Every year since then I have taken a trip somewhere that I either have never visited, or went somewhere that I was familiar with, but did something that I have never done before.

My annual week long adventures have become something that I look forward to each year, and enjoy planning. I also enjoy sharing things that I learn, see, smell, feel; just anything that is a new experience to me.


While reflecting on the week that I have been having, I noticed a beautiful sunset. I wanted to share all that I have done, seen, and was feeling.

Sadly, in my excitement I have realized that not everyone that appears happy for me truly is. Coming to this conclusion after an estimated 5 minute phone conversation resulted in me prematurely ending the conversation, and me standing in deep shock and thought. This was definitely not supposed to be the way that particular conversation went.

20130823_173300Do not all people want to see their friends and family succeed, go to places they have never been, do things that they have never dreamed, accomplish goals that were self-made? I cannot be the only person who gets excited to see other people happy….especially when you know their story to getting there!

I work extremely hard to fulfill my life’s goals, to stay true to my annual promise, to include others when I am able, and to remain 100% MzDezy throughout it all.

What is the proper response when you are attempting to share good news and the recipient could care less? The subject is changed, their own concerns are brought up, or they find negativity in your story….Is there a response that is better than others? I am honestly interested in some insight on this topic.

The lesson in this dilemma is escaping me. I am unsure of what I am to take away from this experience. Usually the lesson is to learn humility, make friends, to give back unselfishly, etc. The only thing that I am sure of is that my feelings are honestly hurt when this happens. Is the solution to keep your celebrations to yourself….to keep good news from specific people….to pretend it does not bother you?

20130822_174042For now, my solution is to keep on loving them. I will also remain steady on the path that I am navigating. Every day is a new opportunity to learn more, do what makes you happy, explore the world more, love more, take in more, and an additional moment to be a better person than you were the day before.

Have you experienced this or something similar before? How did you deal with it? Let me know!

Let me know what you think!

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