Dragonfly Totem


Photo by MzDezy

Dragonflies are an animal totem symbol. Totem symbols hold and represent different meanings. Recently I have been seeing dragonflies all over.

The above photo is a glimpse of my view, while sitting in my car before work early one morning.

Dragonflies represent change, strength and the unconscious mind. They can be a guide to changes that are to take place.

I have known about the symbolism behind this insect, but lately I have taken more interest in it. Walking to the mailbox I would see dragonflies flying above me, sitting outside dragonflies would float by, and even while walking down the street a dead dragonfly blew across my path.

Change is something that I have always welcomed and embrace. Each year, instead of a resolution, I make a personal promise to make a positive change in my life.

This year I have taken charge of my diet and fitness with more consistency. It has been 6+ years since I have eaten red-meat, but now I have stepped it up a notch. I have worked a weekly budget for groceries and working out into my normal activities. Each week I have fresh, organic, and healthy foods delivered to my doorstep. Doing this helps hold me accountable for my diet. When I say diet, I am not referencing a weight loss plan or anything of the sort. The diet I speak of is simply the foods that I choose to eat daily. Along with this, I consistently workout and have started personal training.

Other changes that have occurred include my higher education, financial stability, mental happiness, finding peace with myself, and more. I can see positive mental and physical changes within myself and I am happy. It feels good to say, “I am happy,” and mean every word of it!

Change is something that I face straight on. I am ready for change, I want change, and I hold my arms open to change. Dragonflies lead the way!


Photo by MzDezy

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