Kettlebell Workout!

This workout was no joke! I have added personal training to my usual boxing workout to help target specific areas, and to focus on strength training. The kettlebells were used during arm day. A kettlebell is a solid weight that is made of cast-iron and is shaped, well, like a bell. Different exercises were done between two bell weights to target different arm muscles and to work my core.


The more sets I did, the heavier the bell felt! George (my wonderful trainer) would not let me slow down or stop. I was able to raise my heart rate, break a sweat, and do presses, curls, and lifts all with one weight. Besides learning a new workout that day, I learned that this exercise originated from one that the Russian KGB did. I also learned that those soldiers only had one weight option, 75lbs!


I am often asked why I workout, because some do not think that I need to lose weight. Working out does not always have to be associated with weight loss. Weight loss can be obtained without a single workout, in some cases.

I workout, simply, for myself.

There are many things in this world that I have a passion for and I have just scratched to surface of them. If I am not in good health and condition, then I will not be able to enjoy, seek out, share, or experience any of those passions.

I learn many of life’s lessons from observing others, rather than experiencing them myself. Making my health a top priority was one of those life lessons. “If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything,” is something that my Grandad would tell me often, because he had to learn the lesson the hard way. I really took that sentence to heart, and decided at that moment that I would maintain good health and not let it hold me back from anything.

Going to Title Boxing and personal training is a natural part of my weekly routine. I do not look at a workout as a chore, but more as a normal task of a day. Each boxing class and personal session is an hour long. A one hour workout is only 4% of an entire day! I can dedicate that small amount of time to maintaining my health with no problem.

It is important to find a workout that you actually enjoy doing. For example, running may not be a good choice if there are knee issues, because of the high impact. Good thing running is not the only way to achieve a great cardio workout! Write down your likes and needs, and then do some research. Finding an enjoyable workout that is best for what you would like to achieve will help keep the motivation high!

Please share: Why do you workout? What type of workout do you like to do?

Let me know what you think!

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