I’m a Partial Vegetarian….and Had No Idea!

Do you know what your eating style is? I knew I did not eat red meat, but I never knew there was a name for it. I have heard of vegetarian, vegan, carnivore, etc, but did no’t realize there were more. Vegan, Lacto-ovo vegetarian, ovo-vegetarian, partial vegetarian, and flexitarian are all terms for different eating styles. According to a recent article I read, flexitarian is the newest of these styles.

What is a Vegan?

  • Only eat plant based food
  • Avoid all food that’s made from animals
  • Includes avoiding: meat, poultry, fish, milk, eggs, cheese, honey
Eating vegan does not have to be hard, or taste bad. You may already eat some vegan items and not even realize it. For breakfast you could eat oatmeal, a bagel, or a fruit smoothie. For a snack try popcorn, sunflower seeds, or fresh fruit. What about lunch/dinner? Try a bean burrito, pasta with tomato sauce, veggie stir fry, or a baked potato.
Interested in finding a vegan friendly restaurant near you? Look  H E R E!!  It will let you search for vegan restaurants all over the world.

Food, clothing, cosmetics, etc. that are Certified Vegan can carry this label. Find out more about veganism  H E R E!!

What is a Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian?
  • Consume no meat, poultry, or fish
  • Will eat eggs and dairy products
  • According to Wikipedia, it’s the most common type of vegetarianism in the Western world
  • Nearly 2 million people in the US have this eating style
Examples of food you can eat: fresh fruits, brown rice, yogurt, tomato soup, whole grain rolls with butter, baked apples, collard greens, baked macaroni & cheese, pudding, veggie stuffed peppers, spinach salad, or tacos with avocado, rice, salsa, cheese, etc.
Here is  a blog on this eating style.
What is a Lacto-Vegetarian?
  • Avoids all mean, poultry, eggs and fish
  • Will eat all dairy products except yogurt that contains gelatin

Here is  a blog by a lacto-vegetarian.

Examples of food to eat: egg free pasta, potatoes, soy, beans, barley, cous cous, fresh fruits, nuts, chickpeas, fruit juices, kale, tahini, whole grain cereals


What is an Ovo-Vegetarian?

  • Avoids meat, poultry, fish, and dairy
  • Will eat eggs and honey
  • Gelatin (made from animal bones, hooves, and tissue), rennet (can be made from stomach lining of lambs/calf’s), and carmine (cochineal, or natural red 4 is a dye made from insects) are avoided
Learn more info, food substitutions, and nutritional info H E R E!!

What is a Partial (Semi) Vegetarian?
  • Avoids red meat
  • May eat fish, poultry, dairy, and eggs
  • No soy or gluten alternatives needed

Check out the blog of a Partial Veg  H E R E!!

What is a Flexitarian?
  • Has a flexible attitude towards food
  • Eats mostly a vegetarian diet
  • Includes occasional meat or fish
  • About 3% of Americans are TRUE vegetarians, so if you flip flop this is you
  • Called meat eating vegetarians by the Associated Press  H E R E!!
  • What WebMD has to say  H E R E!!

 What is a Pesco-Vegetarian?

  • Avoids all meat and poultry, except fish
L I N K S!!
Do you know what a vegetarian looks like? How about a lacto-ovo veg or vegan?
Pamela Anderson- Actress & vegetarian
Leona Lewis- Singer & vegetarian
Bob Barker- Former Game Show Host & vegetarian
Albert Einstein- Vegetarian & Scientist
Edwin Moses- Vegan & Olympic gold medal holder
Andreas Cahling- Lacto Vegetarian & International body builder
Mahatma Ghandi- Revolutionist Leader & vegetarian
Forest Whitaker- Actor & vegetarian
Matisyahu- Reggae Musician & vegan
Bill Clinton- Former US President & vegan
Steve O- TV Personality & vegan

The list could go on and on. I know you have heard you ca not judge a book by its cover. This applies to people and their eating styles too!! Try something new, you never know, you may like it. I personally think it would be extremely hard to be a strict vegetarian or vegan. It was hard for me to stick to my no red meat rule in the beginning. I do not think I will ever be 100% meatless, but generally speaking I do not eat much meat. When I do, it is usually ground turkey breast, and maybe chicken or seafood.

Steak, burgers, and bacon are greatly missed by me!! After not eating specifically beef for so many years I would be scared to try it for fear of how my body would react to it. My dinner plate definitely is not empty and neither is my stomach! I have discovered tons of ways to satisfy myself when it comes to foods and different tastes that I have.

Let me know what you think!

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