For my very first giveaway I asked what an image would look like if you had to show what represented you. The entries were all very creative and had different perspectives. I loved seeing them all! I’d like to say thank you, again, to everyone who participated! Images can say a thousand words! Here is the image that was chosen for this giveaway.

Here’s what NaturalHairLatina had to say about her image:

“I made each handmade item and created a collage. I believe my personality speaks through with each item. The first two are earrings made of wood, I’m often stubborn and hard as a rock. The pink is Africa earring painted pink for breast cancer awareness-Get a mamogram and save the tata’s. Africa earring painted purple is for domestic violence, “I love you” is not suppose to hurt. Next, three are my favorite rasta colors, hair flower-I’m blossoming into my authentic self. Pendant I can carry with me at all times. Earrings love of rasta colors. Next, pair of earrings are unique, bold and one of a kind, turquoise, orange, purple, cream. Also, an black, silver and olive green (abstract) like me. Last represent my love for hip hop, cassete tape stud earrings and a round circle pair that look like an album.”

Do you have something that represents you? Why does that picture say, you? Comment & share!

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