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Question: Can I use a shoelace to make a hair poof?


Answer: My simple response would be yes, but would I recommend it; no.

Just about any fabric that’s long is able to be used to make a hair poof. The materials used in shoestrings, bra straps, cut t-shirts, etc. may not be the best for your hair. This is why I wouldn’t recommend using a shoelace. I would only use items that are made specifically for hair, or you could try using a stocking. If you’re in a bind, and absolutely must, then I would say to make sure the string and your hair is moisturized. The friction of the string against your hair can cause unnecessary breakage and damage. I wouldn’t leave the poof in for long amount of time. You should also be sure to watch for tension on your hair.

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Have you used shoelaces before? Whatelse have you used? Comment a share you answers and thoughts!!

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