Quick Style: Wash n Go

Here’s one method of how I do a quick, simple wash n go! This took a max of 10 minutes to complete, if that.

Things needed:
Wide tooth comb
Spray bottle
Essential oil (EO) of your choice
To Make an EO Mix: I use a spray bottle that’s easy to control and hold in one hand. Fill it with warm water, then (depending on the size) add about 3 drops of lavender EO, and give it a quick shake.

I try to never comb my hair while dry, because it rips, tears, and risks damaging it. Detangling almost always takes place while I’m washing my hair, and it’s covered in conditioner. Detangling while conditioner is on your hair helps lubricate and protect the strands. Conditioner also smoothes the cuticle making it harder for strands to catch, tangle, or pull while combing.

To begin I soak my entire head (using warm, not hot, water) and rinse until the water runs clear. I do this to make sure any product that may be in is rinsed out. Next, I co wash; rinse again, then squeeze (not twist) excess water out. After rinsing I soak my hair in conditioner, making sure all sections are covered evenly.

Soaked in conditioner!!

Once the conditioner’s in I spray down my entire head very well with the EO mixture. To prevent product build up you want about half of the conditioner to be diluted. When the EO mix is in I massage it around for a few seconds, and then detangle using a wide tooth comb. I start around the edges and ends of my hair, and then work my way closer to the crown and roots. If necessary I hold sections of hair so that strands aren’t pulled or ripped out in the process. The wide tooth comb helps in the detangling, and it help define curls without manipulating them too much. If you twist, pull, or rub curly hair while it’s wet (or in the drying process) you can cause unwanted frizz. This is why I don’t use a towel for wash n go’s, but if you choose to be gentle!

Just a little conditioner left after the EO mix spray down and detangling!
****This is all done on the side of my tub and/or holding my head upside down (let gravity help you) ****

Ignore the brows 0_o I was trying to get them together while doing my hair and I need an outline to help  ^_^”
Notice the definition on my curls!! I love it!

Tadaaa…hair and brows done in about 10 minutes! You can move your hair around to where you’d like it to be when dry. Try not to manipulate it too much so that you may prevent frizz.

Pros to Wash n Go’s:
Low maintenance- to refresh in the mornings just spritz with the EO mix and fluff
Moisture (water) gets sealed in your hair by the oils in the EO mix
You’re helping your hair maintain its flexibility by keeping it moistened and conditioned
Time needed for styling is minimal
Can be done with cheap/expensive product
Conditioner coats the cuticle adding protection to the hair
Protein conditioners strengthen hair from the inside out
Conditioner help define and give a slight hold to curl patterns in hair without gel
Quick Tips:
Using the above method you can turn an old twist/braid/knot out into a quick wash n go. This is helpful when you just have to do something to your hair but are short on time!
Jazz up a wash n go by adding an accessory such as: hair flower, clips, colorful head band, or a fancy scarf.
If you have different hair/scalp needs experiment with different EO mixes to help. Example: if you have oily hair, or dandruff you may want to try a Rosemary EO mix.
I don’t recommend this style for someone who’s transitioning. Unless you have very little relaxed ends remaining it may not look the best if long pieces remain straight.

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