Olive Oil Treatment

Hot oil treatments are one of my favorite things to do to my hair and scalp! They can come in handy in the hot summer time, or during the cold, dry winter. Personally I don’t do them more than twice a month, if that often. There are a ton of premixed oil treatments at stores, but you can easily make it with things you probably have at home already. Carrier oils that I like to use for treatments are jojoba, carrot, coconut, tea tree, and olive. To enhance these oils even more I like to add vitamin E oil, vitamin A oil, or even a drop or two of an essential oil (EO) such as lavender. Here’s a simple recipe:

Olive Oil Treatment
1/4 Cup Olive Oil (less if hair is short)
1 Tablespoon Honey
3 Drops of your favorite EO (optional)
*** Mix the ingredients together in a bowl, and then add to damp hair. Make sure to concentrate on your ends. Cover your hair and leave on to condition. If you have a heat cap leave the mixture on for 20 minutes. If you’re using a regular shower cap leave the mixture on for 40 minutes. Next rinse your hair well, then continue, and style as usual.
Benefits of Olive Oil:
  • Helps keep the scalp conditioned and moisturized preventing dry scalp and dandruff
  • Contains natural fatty acids and can help minimize frizz, dry, or damaged hair
  • Adds shine that sulfates (found typical shampoos) strip from your hair
  • It’s linked to preventing hair loss by stopping production of the hormone DTH
  • It’s a natural anti-fungal and antibacterial
Benefits of Honey:
  • Helps seal in moisture, because it’s an humectant (holds water)
  • Contains vitamins such as: B1, B2, B6, B5, B3, C
  • Trace amounts of iodine, zinc, and copper are found in it
  • It’s a natural anti-fungal and antibacterial
  • Full of antioxidants which help prevent cell damage
** Honey naturally contains trace amounts of hydrogen peroxide, so over time it can lighten your hair. This would depend on how frequent you use honey in your hair, or mixtures.
T I P !!
*** To turn this recipe into a hot oil treatment put the mixture into an empty bottle and let it sit in warm water as you wash your hair. The water will warm the oil before you use it.
This hair olive oil hair treatment is great for anyone who has heat damaged hair, chemically damaged hair, dry scalp, dry hair, dull hair, lifeless hair, and anyone who wants healthier hair! Try it out and let me know your thoughts!! Do you have any hair treatments of your own? Share!!

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