Sock Bun Updo

I really like this style. I wore it for my birthday dinner, and one of the parties — VIRGOS!! This is another style I learned from watching a how-to video by Mrs. PrettyDimples on YouTube. You can find a link to her YouTube channel under my “Links” tab at the top. I’ve seen people wear a similar style before, but never knew how they did it. It’s SO simple, and I’ll def try it again.

What I used:
  • Pair of old ankle socks
  • Scissors
  • Bobby pins
  • Hair ties/ Rubber band
  • Shea butter mix
This is a style that anyone can wear. Relaxed, chemical free, long, short–doesn’t matter, you can wear this style. You can see two different ways that I wore the buns. One was more simple; I used a decorative hair comb to secure my two strand twists. The second one, bobby pins were used to secure the two strands, but a huge flower was added. You could add chop sticks, feathers, clips, just about anything to change up the style. Try doing three buns instead of two!
Changes I Made:
  • If you have dark hair it’s better to use a black sock instead of white, or any other color
  • A rubber band was easier to cover than a thicker hair tie after making the bun
  • Hair ties used should be dark, or close to the hair color. I used brown
  • I kept my two strands together, but you could do a twist out for the bangs
  • The bun on the bottom was smaller than the top– Rubber band used on bottom and hair tie used on the top
These are just things that I changed, or noticed while doing this after watching the YouTube video mentioned above.
At night I covered my hair with a satin bonnet after removing bobby pins. This style takes literally 10 mins max to do, so there was a point where I took down the whole thing, and re-styled in the morning. I wore this for about 4 days before moving on  ^_^”
Have you done this style before? Know any mods, or variations?? Share!

Let me know what you think!

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