Quickie: Two Strand Twists for Men

I love two strand twists!!! Love them, love them, LOVE them. They’re not just for the ladies though, men can wear them too! The process for the twists is the same for males and females. One difference that I do make when doing two strands on guys is the size and position of them. Most guys don’t want a bang of twists for example. When I do other people’s hair I take a little more care than when I do my own to make sure it’s the best, it’ll last, and that they come back.

I always start the two strands in the back at the nape of the neck and work my way forward. When doing guys hair I don’t work in quarters, instead I work in rows if that makes sense. So, starting in the very back I part a row of hair to twist, and clip the rest of the hair up, and out of the way. If the hair’s dry, I spray it; add product, and then twist. When the row is done I part a new one and repeat. The twists closest to the neck are small so that they hold and won’t come undone from shirts, coats, or anything rubbing. Hair around the edges of the head and near the front generally are small too. The section in the middle, on guys, I typically twist a little bigger than I would on myself.

What I Used:
  • Wide toothed comb
  • Hair clips
  • Spray bottle (water, lavender EO mix)
  • Eco Styler Argon Oil Gel
You’re able to wash your hair still while wearing two strands. If your scalp isn’t too dirty you can co-wash — meaning cleanse your scalp using conditioner to get rid of dirt and product without the ‘poo (shampoo that is). Two strands can last as long as you’re willing to let them, or maintain them. A second style for the fellas, undo the two strands and wear a twist out. At night you should protect your hair by wearing some type of satin cap, and/or sleeping on a satin pillow case. I don’t know many men who own, or at least admit to owning, satin cases, so the head cap will work  ^_~”

Let me know what you think!

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