About MzDezy

Mz Dezy is a young woman who used blogging as a means of therapy when things were hitting rock bottom. An assignment was given to seek out activities that uplifted her spirit and mood. Discovering the new hobby of writing helped to maintain accountability for the new changes that were to unfold in her life. A new lifestyle change that involved incorporating a more natural and care-free living was started.

Some promises to her included:

Taking an annual trip (as a birthday present to her from her) to a place that she had not previously visited and to do something that had never been experienced before.

Continue to not eat red-meat, limit dairy products, eat local foods, and to remove some other elements from her diet.

Minimize the amount of chemical products that were used within her household for cleaning and personal uses— more “green” products were incorporated.

With these promises came changes in scenery, friends, thinking, and priorities.

Out of this new journey sprouted Red Daisy. Daisy was an affectionate name that she was called by her late Grandmother. The name Red Daisy represents a lot of love and nostalgia that is a must share.

Naturally MzDezy is a peek at reflections of self-discovery, exploration, life lessons, expression and ordinary fun that is shared by Mz Dezy herself.

8 thoughts on “About MzDezy

  1. I really enjoyed reading this. I’m always intrigued to learn how people find their way into blogging. Your introspection and commitment to lifestyle changes that hold personal meaning for you, will bring depth and richness to your blog. I’m happy to have discovered your writing and look forward to following your journey!

  2. Forgot to check the” notify me with updates” box. I apologize. When your hair dresser installed the twists did she ever clean up the stray hair with a pair of scissors when finished twisting?

    • You mean cut the hair that’s sticking out of the twists? If so no, I didn’t have that done. I think if that’s done then that hair will come out when the twists are removed.

  3. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and taking the time to read and comment. I really appreciate your feedback. You have a lovely blog here, such diversity. I love how you have a bit of everything 🙂

    I’m following now, so I’ll be back soon!


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